Tales of a Life

Legacy Through Storytelling

Bring your personal story to life, create a family history, or preserve a memorable event for future generations. Leave a legacy of your most cherished memories and values through a customized family history video or audio recording. Consultations are free!

B&W photograph of Italian couple - Used for Family Video Biography
1960s portrait of young woman - for Family Video Biography
1970s wedding portrait - for Family Video Biography


Video and audio packages will be customized to meet your desires and budget. In consultation with each client, we will determine the project’s structure and cost. The price will be determined by the number and length of the interviews, the number of photos and archival images used, and the timeline for production and editing.

Preliminary interviews will be conducted with major participants to gather sufficient biographical information for the on-camera interviews. Videos will be delivered on archival quality DVDs or Blu-ray discs meant to last for many years.

Below are some examples of the video and audio packages offered. Each package will be tailored to your individual budget and desires. Also, feel free to bring your own ideas.

B&W family photographs for Family Documentary Video


Choose this if you want to celebrate a milestone event or to honor someone special. This shorter legacy video can be tailored to either a personal or business occasion. This is perfect if you want to celebrate the retirement of a business colleague or share the story of a momentous life event.


– One interview session

– 15 photos

– Music from a licensed music library

– 10 minutes of lightly-edited footage to remove long pauses, redundant information, etc.

– Customized DVD menu and cover

– 2 copies of completed program

Perfect for Special Events:

  • Anniversaries
  • Family reunions
  • Welcoming a baby
  • Engagement stories
  • Recording a single story
Portrait of hispanic family for Family Documentary Video


Capture highlights in the life of a person or business. Or share the story of a momentous life-changing event.


– Two interview sessions

– Up to 40 photos/other visuals

– Music from a licensed music library

– 20-30 minute video lightly edited to remove redundant information & long pauses

– Customized DVD menu and cover

– 2 copies of completed program

Portrait of grandmother holding granddaughter for Family Documentary Video


This is perfect for those who want a video or audio documentary that tells a complete story. Whether you want to preserve the life story of a special individual or your aging parents, personal narratives are brought to life through a combination of interviews, family photos, letters read aloud, archival images, and scenes of everyday life.


– Four interview sessions

– Filming of everyday life

– Up to 75 photos and home movie footage

– Music from a licensed music library

– Titles and relevant archival images

– 50-minute program, fully edited and divided into chapters

– Customized DVD menu and cover

– 2 copies of completed program

“Family faces are magic mirrors.  Looking at people who belong to us, we see the past, present, and future.”

– Gail Lumet Buckley

Portrait of European grandmother with granddaughter for Family Documentary Video


Honor a loved one who has passed away. Family and friends commemorate a person’s life through shared stories and cherished memories. This custom-designed package offers a unique opportunity to reflect on that person’s life and what they meant to you.

1950s wedding for Family Documentary Video


This product offers a unique opportunity to speak directly to your family and future generations about what matters most to you. In sharing your deeply-held values, your wisdom, and your blessings, you’re offering an invaluable gift to your descendants. Bring your message to life, capturing the emotion and nuance that words alone cannot convey.

There are no rules governing the content of an ethical will and, unlike a “living will” or “last will and testament,” an ethical will is not legally binding. Religious communities use it for spiritual healing. Estate and financial professionals use an ethical will as a way for clients to convey the values that have informed their financial decisions. Whatever the circumstance, the process of creating an ethical will provides a rare opportunity to bring your life and relationships into clearer focus.

Brother and sister smiling in front of fountain for Family Documentary Video


For those who are camera shy, have a limited budget, or simply prefer the power of the spoken word, you may choose an audio version of any of the above products. Prices are determined by the length, the amount of editing needed, the number of special effects used, and whether music is added.

“The movie speaks for itself–when we watched it together as a family, we had tears, laughter, fond memories and many questions, including from the grandchildren. It created a new dialog and the process of working with parents had its own healing and uplifting effect.”
– Paresh Shah