Tales of a Life

Legacy Through Storytelling

How do you want
your family and loved ones
to remember you?

creates customized video and audio portraits in a documentary style. Personal narratives are brought to life through interviews integrated with cherished photographs, home movies, letters read aloud, historical images and scenes of everyday life.

Award-winning documentary filmmaker, Judy Van Wyk, works to find the humanity in each person’s life story. Through cinematic storytelling, her family biographies reveal what makes each person special and unique.

What nuggets of wisdom
memorable life experiences
do you want to share?

“You put your heart into the creation of this everlasting memory for future generations of our family. Our appreciation is hard to express in words, it is so moving.”

– Natwarlal Shah

Call Judy at 919.606.4047 or email her at jpvanwyk@talesofalife.com to discuss how you can work together to create a lasting legacy for your children and grandchildren.